Renting heavy machinery is not as easy as renting something like a DVD. It’s important to be aware of the fine details like how rental contracts work. If you are considering renting, here are several tips to know about in advance:

Find a Reputable Local Dealer

If you are looking for equipment like forklifts or floor scrubbers, it’s always best to find a reputable local dealer. You can do a Google local search to find a rental service in your area. The advantage with locals is that you can get an affordable quote for your needs. Additionally, there will be no long hauling fees. You can personally inspect the equipment before renting as well. It’s possible that you already know the local dealer, so there’s already a level of trust. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to search local rental dealers before looking up places online. 

Understand the Terms of Reservations

The companies or small businesses that rent out heavy machinery or equipment often set strict reservations. There will be a time period for which you can rent the machine you want. In accordance with that, delivery, pickup and payment will be made. When you rent, you must be crystal clear about these reservation rules to avoid a nasty dispute in the future. 

Inspect for New and Used Items

Before you rent, the rental company should specify whether a machine is new, used, or is refurbished. The use will depend on the condition of the machine. For example, if you are renting used lift trucks, you should be able to verify the condition of these machines. Most reputable dealers have quality assurance techniques that help customers understand the type of machine being rented. You can even use useful online guides. Rent only with a business that encourages inspections, not discourage them. 

Be Prepared to Place a Security Deposit

It’s highly unlikely that a rental company might allow you to rent a big machine without placing a security deposit first. So, be prepared to pay a deposit, which is usually considerably heavy than the price for the rental. The amount will vary depending on the type of machine and the time period of the rental. 

Beware of Surcharges 

Equipment rental contracts typically involve certain “add on” fees, or surcharges for things like fuel or insurance. You must be fully aware of all these add on fees before renting. They can be considerable when piled high. 

Training is a Must

A good rental company will allow you to test the machine you rented for safety precautions. Safety clothing must also be observed. Good ones like Dunlop wellies are good choices to check out. 

Responsible machine rental companies sometimes offer training courses for the machine in question. If a rental company offers you this, then that is a good indication that the renter is reputable. 

Keep in mind that machine rental contracts can be complicated. Therefore, follow the above tips.