Product promotion is often an integral part of a marketing campaign aimed at improving brand awareness. There are several ways to promote products both digitally and in the real world. For businesses that sell non-digital products, engagement on both fronts is important. Here are several product promotion tactics that might improve your strategy:

Host a Product Launch Event

One of the best-known methods to promote products is by hosting a giant product launch event. Companies like Apple really aced product launch events, which used to generate worldwide headlines and nail-biting anticipation surrounding the launch of the next Apple product. Not all businesses can match Apple’s scale, but can try to try something similar in a smaller manner. Choosing a good venue, generating interest on social media, and live streaming are great ways to boost a product promotion event. 

Buy Paid Ads on Social Media Channels 

The most conventional modern method for promoting products online is running a PPC ad campaign on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. These campaigns are still highly effective and can generate a lot of traffic. It’s also necessary to make your product visible among a sea of content on social media. The success of PPC campaigns largely depends on how well the business websites are equipped to handle traffic. Are the websites optimized to generate leads? Also, paid ad copy must be really compelling to drive traffic. Take all these things into consideration before running a PPC campaign. 

Give Away Free Branded Items

Giving away free items is always a great start to generate customer interest. Giving away items as a promotion is common at product promotion events. However, nowadays this can be done online as well. For example, cute travel mugs can be used as incentives to get customers to make referrals to friends and family regarding a certain product. Promotional items are always a great incentive to get customers to spread word about brands and products. 

Hold a Contest to Create Buzz

Contests are a great way to get customers interested in a product. People love a challenge, and a contest can result in a “win” that ends up with brand awareness or a conversion. You can spread the word about contents on platforms like Facebook. Social media, in general, is great for holding contests and get thousands of people to participate.

Create Awareness with Interactive Content 

Driving customer engagement through the highly distracting internet is difficult nowadays. Therefore, to promote products, create interactive content rather than regular content. Online quizzes, puzzles and mini-games are all forms of interactive content. The aim of such content is to get users engaged even if they are not initially interested in the product. Engaged users naturally result in converting customers. 

Include Product in Gift Guides

If you want to promote your product in certain seasons, include it in a gift guide. When customers Google for gift ideas, gift guides usually pop up. Being listed in one will do wonders for promoting your product. 
Use the above tips to design a high converting product promotion campaign and attract both digital and offline customers.