The warm and long summer days often encourage you to get on top of your health and fitness, not to mention the thought of wearing your favorite swimwear when you’re off on vacation. However, if you’ve made significant changes to your lifestyle to help you achieve your body goals, it can often be challenging to maintain those changes and keep the momentum up. 

If your motivation is starting to dwindle, take a look at the following suggestions, which will help your healthy summer routine going for the months ahead.

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If your new fitness and eating habits are fairly, to very, strict, it’s vital that you take some time away from the routine, and take a break. Whether it’s a regular day or two break, a vacation fortnight that you take off, or even if you decide to visit a fitness destination, it will give your body and mind the chance to repair and rejuvenate. Rest and relaxation will ensure that you gain an added boost to your motivation that you will need to continue your healthy living plan, much like time away from work allows you to reset and recharge.

You don’t have to start eating unhealthily for every meal, or do absolutely nothing during your breaks; however, you can make the time to do something that you enjoy, like reading, spending time with loved ones, or being creative. Booking a getaway will give you something to look forward to, so why not check out some vacation deals and discounts, and start prepping for your time away. If a long period of time away isn’t currently an option for you, then plan some special day-trips and activities do with your nearest and dearest, so that you have an added incentive to keep on going. 

Mix It Up

It can be difficult to keep strict routines up for long periods of time, especially when they are repetitive, and become boring. Therefore it’s vital that you keep striving to add fresh activities and food options into the mix, so that your weeks remain exciting, and won’t lack interest. Treat yourself to some new gym gear, and grab yourself a Gymshark athlete discount code so that you’ll be feeling great on both the inside and out. Try a new exercise class each month, on top of your regular gym visits, until you find something that you love; you be adding a new level of fitness, and meeting new friends in the meantime. Taking a renewed approach to a routine is a surefire way of giving it successful longevity. 

You should take the same enthusiasm when it comes to your diet and eating plan; sticking to the same old food every day become tiresome, and you’re likely to lose interest quickly. Therefore, it’s a smart idea to look into new recipes regularly, and create a fresh meal plan at the weekend for the week ahead. Take a look at some healthy fruit juices, that will help to keep you hydrated over the summer months here and start enjoying buying your fresh ingredients from the grocery store. Whatever positive changes you make to your regular routines, will help to ensure that you keep fit and healthy throughout the warmer seasons, which will, in turn, continue into autumn and winter.