Are you active on the Facebook platform recently? Then, it is very much possible that you receive a Candy Crush game request at least once a day. What is even funnier is that the recipients turn the game request off, but still the notifications about the game requests still linger on the notification bar of the device. That is not the case of only Candy Crush game.

This happens with every other game and every other person! For some, the video games have become a means to earn huge bucks at one go. This mania or craze is not new! People were addicted to the video games in ancient times too!

The fact that they are competing with a machine attracting them. In contemporary times, the video games ranged from animation and comedy games to collecting gems and coins and some of the mind challenging games. These mind challenging games use some of the most sophisticated algorithms that would knock even the most intelligent kid in the class.

When you step into the 21st century, there are virtually endless options for video games that are available to the generation of today! If you want some premium games but bothered about the budget, then the best option for you would be grabbing some discount offers from

With this let us start the reading - if the video games a waste of time and money or not.

Have a run-down at the cons first!

Increasing Rate of Obesity

Since the 1980s, as the popularity of the video games increased, the rate of obesity among children and adults increased up to triple and double respectively. This has been reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, abbreviated as CDCP.

Increases the Addiction

Nowadays, the access to the video games has increased tremendously, thanks to the advent of Smart Devices and Internet! Due to this factor, the individuals get hooked on a particular game for hours. This also makes him ignore everything important going around him!

Affects the Family Relationship

The addiction of the video games affects the gamers in multiple ways. These problems include family, academic, personal, financial, work related problems, mental issues and lot more. The relationship that suffers the most is the family relationship and the level of detachment of the individual increases.

Restricts the Motor Skills

While the kids glue themselves to the particular gaming devices, they don't bother to move around and play with the other children. This restricts their motor skills and makes them idle in the long run!

Now take a glance at the pros!

Enhances the Concentration

While the process of playing the video games is time-consuming, but the player needs to have full concentration and motivation to win the game against the device. So it enhances the concentration and determination power while you are practicing this exercise for a small span of time. 

Helps in Brain Development

There are some games developed by the games developers viz. Brain Rush, Social Chess, Seashores to Sea Floors, and lot more that helps in the brain development. The child suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) would find these games helpful in decreasing their impulsive behavior.

A Distraction from the Daily Routine

While you are constantly at work, the playing of the video games like "Jazzpunk" and "Sam & Max Save the World" would help your body tickle to the deepest cell. This would help you to distract yourself from the daily, monotonous routine. Also, these games help you to concentrate on your work even better.

Now when the ball is tossed in your court, you must take a note that every coin has two coins. The perception that you carry with you will be reflected in your personality.

If the person spends all the time on his/her device playing video games, then it will be considered futile. While there are many successful gamers, who have made huge dollars while playing video games, how many of you actually have the skill to earn $100,000 when you are playing Candy Crush?