Step 1: Careful planning.

Always start planning your product launch event beforehand. A lot of time is required to select the event staff, invite the chief-executives of the other companies, negotiate with them, replace those who refuse to cooperate, make up a brief and prepare the answers for the questions that can be asked by event participants. In addition, it is worth taking care of the planning of publications - one should not allow all posts to be made in one day. It will look unnatural and even slightly fake.

As a matter of fact, you can find the people who can help you organize your meeting in the agencies like Femme Fatale Media event staffing agency and others.

Step 2: Key members of the team.

In order to conduct a successful product launch event only two workers are needed: event-designer and event-manager.

An event designer can rescue the situation when the concept of your event is in the stage of an idea and the whole image of the meeting needs to be built from the main topic. Event-designer is an exciting storyteller, who creates a perfect image that is supposed to enhance the influence of the brand or product on the audience. The event-designer provides that each element of your project will revolve around the general idea, ensuring accurate audience targeting.

Event manager is the person who makes sure that everything is done on time, they coordinate the work on the website and are responsible for food, equipment rent. Sometimes they also deal with insurance, legal aspects of contracts, security and risk management.

Step 3: Invite mass media representatives.

An invitation for representatives of the mass media should be written properly. It should be printed on your letterhead with corporate design. It should specify the following peculiarities of the event: what kind of meeting it is, who conducts it, what it is dedicated to, who will take part in it and where it will take place. If necessary, apply for accreditation.

Step 4: Testing the product/service.

Always provide the opportunity for the clients to test your product or service: download the application, test the service free of charge and purchase discount tickets.
Firstly, that ensures that your new clients will come for the second time. Secondly, the mass media representatives will be more motivated to write a positive response to your product launch event.

Step 5: Advertise the location and the date of your launch product event.

Make sure that people know where you are. The place of the event should be recognizable: use branding, signage, pointers, logos and booklets etc.The exterior of the building should encourage the client to enter the door. The professional team of craftsmen should help you to decorate the place and attract customers.
Do not forget to hire a hostess, the person who presents an event. They will make your product look special, therefore it is important to make sure that their appearance is suitable for the brand. You can easily find a hostess in the Internet as there are plenty of online services in Toronto. 

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