Cleaning your house is a daunting task and not easy at all. Watching those dishes pile up day after day, laundry on unsightly places and the floor littered with crumbs and wrappers instills this revolting feeling in your heart.
 Eventually you decide to take it up and go about it slowly, only to find yourself distracted again. In this situation, it is best to formulate a strategy and look up certain tips to clean your place and make it look as if it is inhabited by humans.

Pick a specific day

Start off by selecting a day when you are free and have no plans. Cleaning the house is not a task that should be rushed. If you’re already tired from work or have plans in a couple of hours, it is very likely that you will leave the task midway and go about your business.
 If you are free, you will continue, albeit slowly, and finish it as you will know that you have no commitments. 

Start with the easy tasks

It is best to get in the flow while cleaning the house. Start off by throwing the laundry in the washing machine or by dusting the furniture. This way, you will first get into the flow of the work.
If you start off with the difficult tasks, you will soon get tired and stop working. 
A great tip for tackling the difficult tasks is by listening to music while you’re at it. This way, you will not feel tired very fast and will dance these chores away!

Use appropriate appliances

Cleaning is a task that should be made as easy and as effective as possible. Invest in a vacuum cleaner, commercial vacuum cleaner or otherwise, along with a multifunctional washing machine and dishwasher. 
Vacuum cleaners nowadays include excellent suction power and are effectively able to clean spills as well as crumbs from carpets and rugs. Loading and unloading a dishwasher takes significantly lesser time than manually washing dishes in a sink and washing machines wash the laundry and even dry it fully so you can just use them as soon as it’s done. 
Investing in these appliances will make your cleaning tasks considerably easier and much more convenient.  

Use proper supplies

Do not simply use water to wash your windows and floors. Use window and glass cleaners for windows, glass table-tops and mirrors, along with surface cleaners for tile floors and surface wipes for cleaning wooden furniture, telephones, televisions etc. Use tile washing liquids and toilet cleaners to clean your bathrooms. 

Look up hacks

There are many cleaning hacks available online. Look them up and apply the on your daily cleaning tasks to effectively remove any stains.
 These hacks can be effectively used to clean many appliances like microwaves, ovens and irons. Some of the most prominent hacks include using substances like lemon, baking soda, steam etc.
 Use these hacks since using them makes your cleaning tasks much more effective and save you time to admire your handiwork.