The Pearl of the Sea

Odessa is the most popular resort city of Ukraine, which should be visited at least once in life to feel its magical atmosphere, to enjoy its incredible beauty and unforgettable color. Odessa does not leave anyone indifferent, leaving only the most vivid and pleasant experiences in the heart, which are remembered for life.

It is not only the most beautiful resort city in the south of Ukraine, but also the capital of humor and culture, the birthplace of many talented people: musicians, singers, comedians, artists, scientists and writers.

All this provides a constantly increasing flow of tourists who travel to Odessa from all corners of the globe, if you take New York to Odessa flights, you won't regret this, it's a wise choice.

What to See in This City

Departing to Odessa, tourists often wonder what to see in the city. Odessa is a major cultural center of the Black Sea region. The city was founded in 1794 at the behest of Empress Catherine II as the Black Sea port, necessary for strengthening ties with Europe.

It is better to discover the sights walking through the city on foot. Most popular tourist places are located near the center, in the so-called "old town".

Odessa keeps a rich history connected with almost every street of the city. It is called the Southern Palmyra and  the Pearl of the Sea. Of course, the first thing that attracts tourists to resort Odessa is its excellent beaches on the Black Sea coast. Thanks to the Odessa Gulf, there are almost never high waves here, and the entrance to the sea is smooth and sandy, which is ideal for a beach rest with children.

However, Odessa is famous not only by its sandy beaches, the bright sun and warm sea. Privoz, the largest market in the city at all times,  is one of the oldest places in Odessa. Formerly food products were sold here, but today, according to the residents, you can buy everything you want on this market.

Another famous place is the Deribasovskaya street. There are no cars on it, but cozy and quiet cafes await tourists among interesting architecture. The street is named after the founder of the Odessa port, and at the beginning of the street you can see the monument dedicated to him, where Deribas is imprinted with the plan of the future city in his hand.

Another famous street in Odessa is Primorsky Boulevard, leading to the port, where you can admire modern yachts and huge cruise liners. Boulevard serves as a kind of "front gate" of the city. The descent directly to the Marine Station goes through the Potemkin Stairs, the length of which is 142 meters.
If you have not decided where to spend next summer, Odessa will be an excellent destination. This city is suitable for both effeminate tourists and those whose budget is limited. In this city everyone will be able find something for himself.