Fishing is a favorite pastime for many people who have the ability to sit there in the middle of a large water body for hours in wait for a fish to catch bait. The accessories that help provide comfort during this favorite pastime is a good pair of sunglasses.

It is a myth that if the sunglasses are cheap then the quality is compromised with and they do not perform well on water. Here are a few pair of sunglasses to choose from which are not only fabulous quality wise but also easy on your pocket, nor will you experience a minor heart attack in case you accidently lose them to the bottom of the water:

Fisherman Eyewear Striper

With the lens color of clear amber this pair is a polarized sunglasss for fishing and the best in its category. If comfort is your priority the Striper takes the cake. With the framing of the sunglasses nice and wide they are just the right fit for any shape of face. The arms of the sunglasses grip the side of the face snugly without creating unnecessary and painful pressure points and are also provided with vented rubber nose pad for an excellent and comfortable experience. The polarization factor provides a brilliant contrast and reduces glare for a clear and glare free view below the surface of the stream. The clear amber colors of the lenses help face the sunlight easily not only while fishing but driving as well. The only catch with these sunglasses is its ability to scratch easily. So if you are a rough user then think twice before buying this pair.

Strike King SKP10

Exhibiting the best polarization the Strike King SKP10 also has clear amber colored lenses. The polarization is so good you can easily track your lures underwater also from a faraway distance irrespective of the faster run and riffles. The awesome contrast and reduced glare is a huge benefit during fishing as well as driving. The frames of the sunglasses are solidly made to hug the face contours comfortably without tightly binding it or slipping off. Also the hinges are smooth and tight to with stand wear and tear. The lenses also can withstand a considerable amount of tough and rough use without scratching and provided you don’t step on it and break it, this pair will be your partner in your fishing endeavor for a long time.

Berkley Bolton

The Berkley Bolton pair of sunglasses is wide and nice which provides a good peripheral view of your surroundings without giving the feel of being heavy. The arms do feel a bit tight to wear but not so much to make them uncomfortable to wear. With mirrored amber dark colored lenses this pair gives an excellent view under the water even in bright sunlight. The dark tint is also beneficial when you are driving a boat or even driving your car. It is fairly good in resisting scratches bit do not try to over try your luck.

Flying Fisherman San Carlos

The lens of the Flying Fisherman San Carlos is an attractive shade of amber green with a mirror finish. The mirrored finish dramatically changes the color of the lenses which is the main attraction of the pair. The combination of the green and amber color gives your surroundings a bright look which is preferred by some while not like by some who want a more darker view of the surroundings once the sunglasses are put to use. The comfort level of the pair is not so high as the grip on the nose is not tight enough and keeps slipping off and needs constant pushing. The polarization is of average quality especially if you are using it in cloudy weather. If you are looking for sunglasses with a good underwater viewing quality then this is not the pair for you.

When you are out shopping for fishing sunglasses you might have seen that they can cost you at an average of $200. But all the above mentioned pair will cost you around $30 dollars or even less.