Men's fashion is the statement you make to the public, expressing your personality and style. But choosing a look can take time and effort, commodities that are hard to come by in a fast-paced lifestyle. Think about the lighting in retail stores, does anyone look good in those changing rooms?

Shopping at multiple retail stores just is not an option for many men, this is where online style curation can help. Monthly clothing delivery can keep your wardrobe fresh without the hassle of stopping at multiple retail stores. 

Also, you save valuable time and can budget money based on upfront pricing. Test your clothing taste with this online style quiz to figure out the right look for you, and see how a new look can help you excel in everyday situations.

Personalized Looks for Everyday Business

The way you dress at work says a lot about your personality. By a lot, we mean your path towards advancement, enthusiasm for the job, or quirky personality.

•    If your job is to face executives daily, it is probably best not to wear that punk band T-shirt to the meeting.
•    High-tech startups may be a great place for clothing with a subtle edge like those classy Star Wars Rebels Cufflinks.
•    Maybe you prefer a more casual business image. Khakis do not need to be a one-size-fits-all situation.
Let professional stylists pick out different cuts and pockets to match your favorite color polo. And do not forget casual Friday, you will need jeans without any holes or grass stains.

First Impressions Matter When Dating

If you have met the right one girl of your dreams, you will have plenty of time to break out that favorite college sweater or your dirty socks that cannot be washed until baseball season is over. You only get one first impression, and it is important to make it count.

Clothes cover 90% of your body, meaning that your date will judge much of your physical attraction on what they can see. If you have an outfit that poorly fits, you will not be able to showcase your best asset, you.
Also, worn or dated clothes can imply more than you would like about your cleanliness and manners. Let online stylists choose the perfect date night outfit, allowing you to get down to the important matters of getting to know each other.

Style Says it All in Social Settings

It is easy to have a go-to suit for formal occasions, but what about regular gatherings with friends and clubs? Men's collars have symbolized social status since the 1400's. Think of the epic Shakespearean ruff, or a cool bro and his popped polo. Choosing the right men's fashion comes down to the smallest of details, but can have much larger implications.

So how do you want a look, and what matches? Casual looks imply an easy-going attitude, combining comfort and activity in a single package.

A fashion forward appearance displays your modern approach, representing a daring edge to try new things. Perhaps you desire sporty attire, opting for some athletic options and sports logos to balance out your wardrobe.
Online stylists can help you create and define your look. Instead of wearing that same pair of cargo shorts day after day, change up your clothing items with ideas from a monthly subscription tailored to your particular taste.

•    Dress for promotion at work, impressing your bosses with high-end brands showing taste and care.
•    Create a magical first impression when you meet your online date, setting the scene for many meetings to come.
•    And do not forget to establish yourself in your social scene, whether working as the active go-getter or the laid back lover of hammocks and the outdoors.

In Conclusion

Five Four Club offers a men's clothing subscription that matches your needs, starting as low as $60 month. Discover your style by taking a short online quiz. You will be thrilled when your fashionable clothes start arriving by mail.

Beat the lines, parking, and hassle of the mall, start getting noticed today in new and exciting ways.