After a grueling Monday to Friday, the weekend is a great time to unwind and reconnect with the people in your life. For some of us, the weekend brings about the urge to hibernate, while for others it's a time to be active and get outside. Whichever your preference is, we're going to give you a list of some low-key activities to make your lazy Sunday the perfect end to the week. 

1. Do a Yoga Session

While the arrival of the weekend can often bring a great sense of relief from day-to-day stress, Sundays can put us back into the "grind" mindset and make us start worrying about the week to come. Fight this anxiety with a yoga session. If you have a yoga mat at home, you can even practice outside, or find a school nearby where you can spend an hour reconnecting and recharging your batteries.

2. Read a Book

While this may sound like a cliché, Sunday is the perfect time to put down your computer, turn off Netflix, grab a hot cup of tea and curl up with the book you've been meaning to read. Finding time to do this during the week can be difficult, so make sure to take advantage of this leisurely time on a Sunday afternoon. 

3. Enjoy a Sunset

Take a drive when the sun's going down to a place where you can watch the sunset. When was the last time you did that? Whether alone or with company, this can be a relaxing and enjoyable way to say goodbye to the weekend. 

4. Do Something Different at Home

Try your hand at new things that you ordinarily wouldn't do, or have been wanting to do for a long time and haven't gotten around to. This may include painting, DIY crafts, or even turning on your computer and checking out different online casinos where you can play a hand or two of poker. 

5. Try New Recipes

There's nothing better on a lazy day than cooking up a delicious, homemade meal. Try something you've never cooked before and spend a couple of hours perfecting your craft. If you don't already have a recipe you've been saving, look online or ask a friend for a suggestion.  

Being lazy on a Sunday isn't necessarily a bad thing. With these suggestions, it's clear that you can still have an entertaining and fulfilling day, even as a lazy bee.