The fine hairs that grow on the nose are very important in the process of breathing. Moreover, the plume of the nose plays a role to filter the dirt from the air we breathe. But sometimes this nose hair grows longer than it should be.  Elongated nasal hair can be a problem in a small proportion of women and adolescent males. The fix is quite difficult because the feathers grow inside the nose, if left unchecked would be very disturbing appearance.

Overcoming the nose feels quite easy if you know how, there are several ways that can be done, but that must be considered prudence in overcoming the nose hair, because the nose is quite sensitive, if we are careless to shave the long nose hair can trigger bleeding to infection, Of course you do not expect bad things to happen after successfully removing the hairs of the nose. Here are six ways to remove the long hair of the nose:

1.    Shaving Scissors

Shavers in the form of scissors have long been popular and used to overcome the various hairs that grow in the body. Until now, scissors are the most widely used method to remove nose hair, the reason is simple because the tool is easy to obtain, cheap, and practical, to overcome the nose hair is recommended to use scissors with a blunt end so as not to injure the inside surface of the nose.

2.    Trimming

Trimming is a technique to shave the nose using special tools called trimmers and are widely available in the market with a variety of functions and variations. You can choose shavers in the form of a razor blade as well as other electric shaver. A  nose hair trimmer removes nasal hairs that extend a few inches so that it does not look good do not forget to ensure shaver safe and clean from germs before use, this way spelled out the fastest and effectively overcome the problem of nose hair. This is one of the methods which comes handy and can be done at any point of time. So, if you are ready for an occasion and want to remove those hairs, then a nose trimmer can be a saver.

3.    Wearing Tweezers

Plucking feathers with tweezers is the most economical but painful, though much more sophisticated and safe offer, many still use this old method, but you need to know that this way is dangerous and not recommended. Already many studies and experts who convey that plucking the nose with hair tweezers can cause lethargy and infection. A number of problems caused can be a boil in the nose that feels annoying and painful, even can cause inflammation of the brain if it has deteriorated.

4.    Waxing Nose

Waxing Nose is still a modern and new way, waxing method is now not only effectively remove the legs or armpit, a number of salon treatments also have a waxing service to remove the long hair of the nose, this way is quite effective and safe because the cut fur is really selective . However, previous nasal waxing is relatively more costly than the previous two ways, this is because we need expert help in the spa or salon treatment, there is also a self-applied waxing tool at home, and the tool has been circulating globally and originating from Australia.

5.    Feather Threshing

Cream Just like waxing, it is also currently on the market of thresher feather creams on the nose, the way it works is similar to creams for armpit hair and legs, its application will be safer if done by experts in the salon care, make sure to choose cream from natural ingredients and Without harmful chemical compounds.

6.    Laser Treatment

 The use of lasers is the most sophisticated way of removing nose hair, the treatment requires a process and can permanently remove feathers permanently, to perform this way requires relatively high cost and can only be handled by experts, never try the hair removal method yourself at home because it can result fatal. Prolonged nasal hair is very disturbing to our physical appearance, especially during adolescence, need patience and caution when cutting the nose hair, because the feather is attached to the nose is sensitive if exposed to sharp objects, can occur injuries and infections, hopefully information on how Removing the elongated nasal hair can be useful.