Choosing a cologne may be quite a confusing undertaking, and it leads to being baffled after learning about all those various blends of different scents. In order to make this procedure more enjoyable and easier, we have created a short guide about colognes.

Keep reading to know more about them; if you already know everything about scents and fragrance, it is high time to buy one among the large number of men colognes available on the market. As such, if you want to make sure you choose the right one, you simply need to follow several guidelines!

Essential Tips for Testing Colognes

Visit the department with a variety of colognes, and try to find your perfect fragrance with the help of the following tips:

•    At first, try a variety of scents on paper testers, not your skin;
•    Take a whiff of your skin to neutralize scents;
•    Once you narrowed down the list of potential colognes to about two of them, spritz one of them on one wrist, and the other on on another. After that, wait for 15 minutes before smelling them. This time is necessary for a cologne to interact with your skin, and for its deep fragrances to appear, which are the actual scent of the cologne;
•    Smell them one more time after an hour to see whether they are long lasting or not;
•    Some stores give small trial size samples, and you should take advantage of it. Wear the chosen colognes at lease for a week before making your final decision and buy one of them which suits your tastes better.

What are the Scents?

All scents are divided into four general categories: Fresh, Floral, Oriental, and Woody. If you prefer one of them to the other, it can make your choice easier. You just need to focus on that category during your visit to the department store.

Fresh: such colognes have prevailing citrus, green and water smells. You can also find such notes as orange, lemon-grass, sea breeze and fresh-cut grass in this category.

Woody: this category contains colognes with very manly smells. You can find such scents as sandalwood, forest, cedar, and moss in the category of woody smells.

Oriental: colognes of this category have prevailing smells of oriental spices: vanilla, cinnamon, patchouli and some others. 

Floral: such colognes have a fragrance created by the mix of floral or fruity notes, including rose, jasmine, and berries.

Choose your scent and apply it whenever there is a suitable occasion, but remember that there are special zones which you should apply your cologne on to achieve the greater effect:

•    Behind the ears;
•    Base of throat;
•    Inside elbow;
•    Inside wrist;
•    Behind knees.

These zones are called fragrance pulse points, and they intensify the scent of a cologne and make it more powerful.