When you're abroad, getting a cab is never as easy as it sounds. Between the linguistic barrier and the somewhat malicious spirit of some taxi drivers. Do not rush to follow the first comer and follow these few tricks to avoid the confusion.

Taxi safety rules are quite simple and everyone should be aware of it. Anything can happen when you are in unknown land. There are so many cases these days, where women, and backpackers are being ripped off in other countries. So, it is important to keep on mind a few tips while choosing a taxi in Paris. 

Select a Cab from the airport   

When you leave luggage in hand from the airport, you will immediately be alerted by people shouting “Taxi, Taxi ". They are not licensed drivers, so please refuse their offer or you may literally get plucked. The authorized drivers are located outside the terminal, follow the yellow sign with the inscription taxi and stand in line. The authorized taxis are always with specific color and it is easy to recognize. From T2 Traslados, you can hire the taxi to your destination. 

Enquire about the rate card

Once inside the vehicle, do not hesitate to inquire about the proposed rate, the new cabs always have a package between the main city attraction and the airport.  The package from the airport to different places should not be too exorbitant. Then, you must realize that something is fussy. Also, you need to have some ideas by researching over internet or speaking to some closed one who already had been to the same city before. Be careful not to take a taxi with the label because the rates may be varying and they make a fool out of yourself. Check the label of your taxi. The cost of luggage is included in the package.

Check for Phone Numbers

Taxi Company advertises everywhere. Genuine taxis generally have a company’s telephone numbers which are displayed on the trunk, doors or roof. Off course, a taxi without telephone number will never advertise. So, it it’s always advisable to hire a taxi with company’s telephone number which will be visible on the exterior of the cab

Have an idea of the place you are travelling

Having a broad spectrum of where you're visiting will definitely aid to keep all your worries in a taxi even when the neighbor may be unsafe or when the taxi takes shortcut through the neighborhood which might appear unsafe if you are not a spirited adventurer. Yes, if you feel the driver is driving towards north and your destination is in the South, you need to act smart and get down of the cab immediately.

Look for a Handle of Door

Don't jump into any taxi without getting to know if there are door handles inside the passenger seat. It is said, you can’t move out in a haste of you can’t move out at all. Do not be surprised if a taxi driver refuses to take you to your destination, if it is now possible to post the said taxi to the police because it is now reprehensible, the simplest as a tourist remains to ask the next taxi is not missing. It can happen, if your destination is particularly remote or in a place conducive to traffic jams, that you wipe several refusals before finding the right one.

Be vigilant of Sharing

Cab sharing with acquaintances can aid you to stay secure and save some bucks. But it may be a scam in some places. Your cab driver may top at places where accomplice may be posing as a tourist. There may be chances of getting robbed and there are threats to your life. So, you need to know the details of the person with whom you wish to share the cab ride. 

Apart from all these tips, when you are travelling alone or with family, you need to take taxis that are with meters are to be hired. This will prevent unnecessary fights with the driver to negotiate the price of the trip. Rates are sometimes displayed on the back of the front seats, if you ever want to take a look. So be careful to avoid spending unnecessarily when you are in a different place. So, keeps the above points on mind and have a safe travel time!