So, you’re 30. The bloom of eternal youth you felt would always be there has finally withered, and you now find yourself buying into the myth that “30 is the new 21.” Of course it isn’t! You’re older now and things are going to be different. But that’s not to say that “different” needs to mean “worse.”

For the most part, you are more settled now, and know what you want from life (unlike your twenty-year-old self who just wanted to drink beer and play Xbox). Many men assert that the 30’s are the best time of their lives, so this helpful list will help you to address the changes that you need to make to happily embrace the next chapter of your life. 


1) Diet right

Gone are the days when you could eat a whole twelve-inch pizza to yourself (without noticing it on your hips for the next five years). With age comes a slower metabolism, and that means the need to eat less and exercise more. What’s more, activity and the right diet will help set you up not only in your 30’s, but for the rest of your adult life, and can help ward off cardiovascular disease. Create yourself a workout schedule and plan your meals accordingly. The endorphin release from exercise will help you achieve added feel-good factor, too!

2) Get a health checkup

But these are just for old men, right? Wrong! Getting an early health check-up is not only reassuring for your own peace of mind, but it can also help to discover early signs of life-threatening diseases. Think of it like your car; you don’t wait until the fuel runs out, do you? You keep a check on it so that you can top it up before it goes bump. Well, the same goes for your health. With 1 in 8 men diagnosed with prostate cancer at some stage in their lives, finding a prostate specialist is vital for any man.

3)  Moisturise

Yes, you’re beautiful. There is no denying it. But with age, wrinkles are sure to follow, adding years to your current look. In the modern era, skincare regimes have become increasingly popular among men, and there is a whole host of products out there to help with your fight against the dreaded wrinkle. Moisturise twice daily, and do facial exercises whenever you get a spare 5 minutes. Your skin will thank you for it later.

4) Organise that wardrobe

Ripped skinny jeans are great, if you’re Justin Bieber. But it’s unlikely that you are. There are few things worse than seeing refined gentleman let themselves down with poor and immature fashion choices. Embrace the fact that you’re growing up, as nothing looks better than a well-dressed man. More importantly, invest in a good pair of shoes. Not trainers, SHOES! Go for neutral colours (black, brown or navy blue) so that you can look the part for anything from job interviews to weddings.

Your 30’s is a time in which you feel settled and comfortable in your own skill. You know what you want from life, and this self-assured you certainly knows how to go about it. Yes, you may have your 20’s behind you, but so what? This is a time to be the new you! Set your goals and, more importantly, achieve them.