Fishing is one of the most loved sport all across the world. Infusion of technology in the sport has benefited all kinds of fishermen. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fishermen, you must be aware of the ways in which technology has facilitated fishing. 

Using a fish finder is one of the way to enhance your fishing experience and make it more convenient. You might have even used it in the past. But most of them would not be aware of the mechanism behind it. Below is discussed some important things about it. 

What are they?

First lets simply discuss what fish finders are. They are the perfect way to locate schools of fish. Fishing is a sport that requires patience. Fish finders can assist your temperament. You can simply find the right spot when out on waters. 

How does it work?

Fish finders comprises of two main parts. First one is the screen or display which will be placed on your boat. This will indicate the potential schools of fish and give you information regarding their depths. Displays just convey us the basic raw data and shows us in a comprehensible manner. The second component is a transducer. Transducers contain underwater sensors that gives information back to the display. All the work is done by transducer. 

Fish finders work on solar technology which has a pretty interesting history. It was initially used by war boats in World War II to keep a look of what is under their boats. Anyways, the transducers transfer the sound waves down into the water. These sonar waves then evaluates the size and depth of an object as it hits something. This information is sent back to the display then. But there are some drawbacks on may consider. These devices do not discriminate. The sonar waves will simply pick up the objects and display it on the computer. 

How to read it?

Once you know how it works, it is now important to know how to read it. It is a pretty simple task. Fish finders will give you an estimate of the depth of water and the shape of the bottom of surface. This will help you in choosing the right equipment as well. There are even fish finders in the market with more sensitive transducers that are able to display fish icons on the screen as well. They have the ability to differentiate between fish and other objects. 


Fish finders are must for all the fishermen out there. We are clearly aware of the benefits it offers. Sometimes you spend hours and hours in the water with zero catch. This can be extremely annoying. Fish finders will give you instantaneous locations saving your precious time as well. 

As the demand grows, market is getting filled with multitude of options to choose from. Choosing the best portable fish finder can be a daunting task. There are many factors to consider while settling on one. Make sure the decisions you make are wise to enhance the fishing experience.