Summer is just around the corner which means that beach season is looming. There are those men who dread having to get into a bathing suit in front of people and those that live for it. The main difference between these men is usually how in shape they are but even someone with a dad bod can strut their stuff with enough confidence.

Looking and feeling your best should be done all year but summer is when you get to show it off the most. With just a few tweaks in your routine, you can start to see positive changes in the eyes of the opposite sex. The following are tips that are sure to help you turn heads this summer.

Image: pixabay

Upgrade Your Wardrobe

After months in the cold it is time to show off that new wardrobe you might have purchased on Black Friday. It is important as a guy to have quite a few pairs of clothes that are comfortable but also look great. A strong tank top collection is important if you tend to hit the beach each weekend. There are those guys who sweat quite a lot so having some shirts that  are dry fit or do not show sweat are key. There are plenty of affordable options to purchase clothes if you look online or take advantage of a big spring sale.

Abs Start In the Kitchen

Working on your body should have started with a New Year’s resolution but many people falter around this time of year. Many people do not realize the impact that eating a healthy diet can have on their body composition. Without proper diet even people who exercise hours per day might not be able to achieve that washboard stomach. Try a specific diet that aligns with your goals whether they are to put on muscle or simply tone up. The Paleo diet is one that has plenty of variations and helps the dieter stay away from processed foods. Try a few diets to see which one works for you and you feel comfortable with.

Hit The Gym

Going to the gym is something that you absolutely should be doing on a daily basis. What you shouldn’t be doing is just lifting weight or just doing cardio. Switching up your routine can help give you a better workout and help you break through plateaus when you encounter them. Try to make it to the gym each day and plan out your workouts at the beginning of the week. This will help hold you accountable and can help you chart your progress week after week.


The days of women thinking that beards looked trashy are gone. The beard is one of the hottest trends and it is here to stay. There is a difference between a great looking beard and one that makes you look borderline homeless. There are beard oils that can help soften a beard and even give it a bit of shine. This site shows how long does oil take to work in chart format, and clearly it differs between brands of oil. The beard isn’t the only place a man has to be aware of his grooming. Excessive chest hair and back hair can turn heads at the beach for all of the wrong reasons. This doesn’t mean you have to take a razor to your chest but rather trim the hair to make it an acceptable length. If you do use a razor make sure to use aftershave as razor burn can be quite irritating especially all over your chest.

Take pride in your look and try to look your best daily. The above tips are a great start but I’m sure you can think of more ways! Make this summer the summer that you turn heads!