Technology has been blamed for ruining our age old cultures. We all feel that instead of bringing people together, like it has always promised to, technology is actually shutting us apart in lonely little boxes. The picture looks rather dark but we have to understand that there are ways in which technology has nurtured humanity and social interaction like never before. Let’s see the ways in which technology has revived traditions:

1. Audiobooks: Listening to audiobooks is like being a part of the thousands of year old oral tradition. When there were no manuscripts, books, or even materials to write, information was passed down through the word of mouth. People were told stories as children that they passed down to their own offspring when the time came.

Now that we rarely find any time to read when surrounded by so much sensory stimuli, audiobooks also act as a medium to make people read more books without actually having to stop and sit to do so. You can hear your favorite scifi novel while going to office, or listen to a self help book while jogging.

2. Bingo: Bingo is a traditional game that has been around for centuries now. Its rise has led to increased popularity across the world, people now play bingo from the comfort of their homes by using their smart phones or computers.

There is no longer the need to drive across town to reach the bingo hall, you can just sit at home and enjoy the game at your comfort. You can even play online bingo for free, something which was not possible some decades ago.
Though technology seems flawed and scary at times, it is not always so. There are ways that advancement in technology is making our world a better place than it ever was.