Such phenomenon as social slots might still appear as a breakthrough for lots of gamblers. We all got used to playing regular (classic) slot games that basically differ by nothing but pictures on a screen. The overall idea is practically the same for each product, except for maybe payouts that depend on whether there are progressive jackpots, bonus rounds, free spins, etc.

To know of the mentioned features one can simply read a JackpotJoy online casino review and get ‘tuned’. However, there’s another sort of slots, which involves a social factor, about which we are going to speak in detail in our article.

Social aspect of the games of slots

Naturally, the name ‘social slots’ speaks of itself: one can socialize during a game. Inspired by the huge success of Facebook and other social networks, many software developers have made a decision to implement the idea into gambling. As the result, one can now feel the support of his/her mates when playing a favorite game and, at the same time, receive some extra coins in the most crucial moment. Live chat is assigned to get everyone involved in lively conversation and thus, stay informed of what is going on. Of course, in order to help the others by sending some virtual currency one would have to deposit more funds than usual. Yet, a good social status is worth every penny invested. The fun you get from such experience is ten times higher compared to regular gaming.

Great fun multiplied by communicational opportunities

Another factor, making social slots enjoy that high popularity, is that they don’t require much skill to start playing. Eventually, this is one of the brightest features they inherited from the classic slots that you can also try by visiting Should a playing process be a bit more complex, concentrating on it would be quite hard in a situation when you are getting constantly distracted? In that case, the social factor would only hold you back. However, games of slots are not complex at all: one only needs to press a spin button and view the outcome. The rest is on RNG engine. Thus, playing and socializing can be done simultaneously without much problem.

Predictions regarding further development of social slots

According to predictions, the eminent game developers like Microgaming and IGT will be taking some serious steps in the nearest future to bring their products to the social level too. Fans are, surely, looking forward to such significant changes, for the games these companies produce are far more superior compared to those one finds on Facebook. But as long as these products are in an ‘embryo’ state, one can just make use of what he/she is currently offered and still get fun from playing with friends.