When we think about love, usually the first things that come to mind are hearts, Valentine’s Day, marriage, and maybe our friends and family. But for some other people when they think about romance and love, online slots may come to mind. Yes, online slots.

Romantic Themed Online Slots

We’re not talking about playing online slots with your significant other in candlelight, or bringing a date home to spin the reels online, rather we’re thinking about romance and love themed online slots, full of hearts, cupids and other common imagery that we usually associate with the big L word, love.

Just like many other industries, online slot developers are cashing in on the theme and making some great games that are popular among players and developers alike. Some games are more faithful to the love theme, while others take on a looser interpretation.

Bring on the Love

There are so many romantic online slot games each with their unique storylines. Ranging anywhere from tales of love-stricken vampires to innocent nursery rhymes with just a touch of romance, there’s something out there for every hopeless romantic.

We’re going to delve into just one of them with a Bridesmaids slot game review, an exciting and hilarious new online slot game based on the popular Hollywood movie. For those of you who haven’t seen the film or played the game, the Bridesmaids slot gamefollows a bride and her outrageous group of bridesmaids for a last hurrah before walking down the aisle.

The pink and blue colour scheme alone will get you in the mood for romance, and prepare yourself for some big laughs as the larger-than-life characters fill up your screen with some over the top moments.


With this game you can win up to 105,000 coins, and it features 5 x 4 reels and 40 fixed pay lines. All wins are multiplied by the bet per line, and all scatter wins are multiplied by the total bet staked. With bonuses and special magic moments, this Bridesmaids slot game is guaranteed fun.

If you’re planning on spending a cosy night in by yourself and don’t have any plans, check out this or one of the many other romance themed slot games and start feeling the love!