Visiting a casino in person is old fashioned. Mobile gaming is fast becoming the preferred method of winning big, due to ease of access and the ability to pick up and play anywhere, anytime. There are now hundreds of exciting and immersive games that can be played on the move.

Many traditional gamers are quick to point out that the rush of beating the dealer or hitting the jackpot in person just can't be replicated in a virtual environment. The personal touch that you get when you enter a casino just isn't there. However, there are now some amazing new technological developments that will begin to match and even surpass real life thrills.

Live casino is already a very popular way of gambling on mobile devices. Instead of a basic 2D layout and faceless virtual dealer, live video streams will beam the gaming table or roulette wheel straight to your screen, complete with your own living, breathing host. Live casino gamers are able to place live bets as the wheel starts spinning or tell the dealer to hit or hold in real time. This immersive experience improves vastly on the faceless online poker rooms or gimmicky 3D graphic environments that aren't as exciting as the real thing.

Live casino rooms are available 24/7, so you don't have to wait for the casino doors to open to jump into the action. Poker is one of the most popular live casino games and you can play against other live gamblers or the dealer, just as you would in the real world. This translates really well to the live game and the feeling of beating a real person rather than a piece of software gets better each time.

Live Blackjack is also engaging when playing live. Charismatic, world-class hosts will compliment you on your wins and sympathise when it doesn't go your way. If you can choose your seat, make sure you sit as far away from the dealer as possible so you can keep an eye on which cards are already out there. A charming smile from your dealer when you hit 21 will brighten up any dull bus journey to work.

The multi-camera, HD experience of live roulette makes you really feel like you're there. Your host will close bets once the wheel is spinning and an easy interface allows you to keep track of the odds and even what other players are backing. Make sure you have a system as you would in the casino and keep an eye out for online-only offers that you wouldn't get in real life.

A live, immersive experience is what makes gambling fun and live casino will only continue to improve as technology advances. Expect to see more virtual reality live casino in coming years, which will continue to make online gambling more immersive and thrilling.