The EDM scene just keeps getting bigger and bigger. What does that mean for the future? Are we in for more advertising? More sad stories about overdoses? No, the big feature to talk about is the change in the way people listen to music. Because EDM is about dancing - and always has been - and festival season in America is also growing more popular, the money getting pumped into EDM is going into events and gatherings, not labels or artists.

Make no mistake: It's these festivals that are driving EDM forward today. They're not the only force bringing EDM to a new audience; more and more radio stations are featuring EDM now as well. That means there's going to be a wave of first-time attendees hitting the EDM circuit in the coming year. If you're planning on being one of them, DAD can help you out. We've put together a selection of suggestions that will prepare you for the fun. Take a look at the information below so that you're ready to enjoy your first foray into EDM festivals in a safe and enjoyable manner.

Stay Open

The odds are good that the force spurring you into your first EDM festival is to hear a specific song that you've been listening to on a YouTube loop for the past three weeks. Or you want to see that one DJ whose name you've learned. This is all well and good, but don't think of the festival as just an opportunity to hear one artist or set. Most EDM festivals feature vast line-ups that speak to a range of different tastes. Make sure you stroll around and hit multiple tents. Spend ten or 15 minutes listening to some brand new music. A good DJ putting together a good show can transform your opinion of genres and subgenres you might otherwise write off.

Stay Stylish

Looking good at festivals is easy once you plan your outfits well. Most high street shops nowadays have wide range of different gear that is essentially ‘festival fashion’. These items are made specifically for the music season at hand. Accessories are also a good idea for an EDM festival – from shutter sunglasses, to a wholesale led flashing necklace and flower power wellies – you have so many options to stay stylish, it’s hard to choose.

Stay Sharp

It's obviously a given that your ears are going to be stuffed full of maximum-volume music when you're at a festival. That means you're down to four senses; make full use of all of them. Keep your eyes peeled so that you don't end up walking into an elbow or taking a glow stick to the eye. Things have a tendency to get frantic in the tents, so you want to maintain control of your situation at all times.

Stay Informed

Your first festival can be a grand event and teach you a great deal about new music. That doesn't mean you need to walk in as an absolute rube. Take a little time to study EDM before you show up. Remember that EDM is a huge umbrella that covers many different genres. Pick out the ones that you're especially interested in and look at the festival's line-up to see where and when you can catch those types of sounds. Besides giving you a better sense of your bearings when you hit the festival, having a little knowledge under your belt will prepare you to learn a lot more.

Stay Hydrated

Festivals are thrown during the summer. Between the temperature, the sun, and the amount of dancing you should be doing, you're going to work up a thirst out there. Whether or not you're partaking in recreational chemicals, you need to make sure you replace the fluids you're losing. Bring a bottle of water or buy one as soon as you arrive. Then make a point of locating a convenient refilling station and visit it regularly as the event progresses.

Stay Equipped

Check ahead of time to find out whether or not the festival you're attending allows backpacks. If they're OK, you should strongly consider bringing one. Pack with practicality in mind. A charger for your phone (and an extra battery, if you have one) are essential, as is a spare t-shirt. Carrying a bag also gives you a place to stash your water.

Stay Safe From Hearing Loss

Playing EDM at top volume through truck-sized rigs is part and parcel of the festival circuit. Plan ahead and pack a pair of earplugs. There's nothing wimpy about protecting your hearing at an EDM festival; you're just protecting your ability to enjoy more shows later on.