California is seeing a change in its marijuana laws with the passage of Prop 64, which allows for recreational marijuana use in addition to the laws in place for medical marijuana delivery and consumption. If you are a California resident and you have a prescription, you can easily get Santa Monica marijuana delivery, or Beverly Hills marijuana delivery, without fearing legal consequences. If you live outside of California, however, the law can vary quite a bit.

On the Federal Level: Medical marijuana delivery, growth, and consumption is still considered illegal under federal law, which is most often applied to individuals who sell and grow large quantities. Doctors cannot prescribe marijuana under federal law, but they can recommend its usage. In order to help reconcile federal and state laws, the Department of Justice issued a memo under the Control Substance Act outlining priority cases. These priority cases included marijuana sales to minors, State legal sales used as cover for other drugs, and involvement of gangs and fire arms, and have become prime targets for federal organizations. 

On the State Level: Several states including Colorado, and now California, allow for recreational use of marijuana. Other states have various laws about medical marijuana delivery and usage. Some laws allow for medical marijuana delivery while others require that any prescribed cannabis is picked up in person. To be on the safe side, you should familiarize yourself with the laws of your individual state.

While the laws seem complicated, a bit of research can help you avoid getting into some serious legal trouble. If your doctor recommends the use of medical marijuana for your condition, and medical marijuana delivery is not legal in your state, consider relocating to one of the states where medical marijuana delivery and use are sanctioned by state laws.

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