Longboarding is not only a hobby but a real sport as requires great physical shape to perform all the tricks that can be rather challenging for beginners. Longboard can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes and used not only as a transportation tool but as well in freeride on steep hills making manoeuvres, downhill at high speed, etc.

Most popular riding styles include:

• Carving – consists of cruising down the streets and perfect way for beginners to master their skills;

• In downhill type of riding everything is about speed and maintaining control. This type of riding requires a lot of precision and isn’t the best style for beginners;

• Freeride includes slides and curb hops and is perfect for experienced riders;

• Dancing, sliding, board trick can be found in freestyle and this riding type is great for riders of all levels.

How to choose the right board?

Riding your longboard is an amazing experience. If you are about to buy one and have doubts regarding what type to choose, here are some points to consider or consult a specialist from https://x3mboardshop.com/longboards/: What kind of board are you after? Completes or do you want to make one by yourself? In this case learn more about wheels, deck, truck, truck bolts, grip tape, bearings, etc.

What style of riding are you interested in- as longboards come in various shapes and sizes, designed specifically for each style: carving/cruising, downhill, freeride, freestyle? Choose the shape of your board: symmetrical, directional, etc. Here are some new complete models available for your consideration that guarantee great quality of riding:

• Original pintail 37 longboard is a great choice for beginners as it is easy to control. Made out maple it is perfect for cruising and carving. This smaller and lighter model was designed for manoeuvres with its wide trucks that create sure footed feeling while performing various – advanced or simple, carving techniques. This high quality product comes with S8 200mm trucks, kryptonics 65mm classic 78A wheels, MOB grip tape coarse #50 black, original bearings.

• Loaded tantien 39" longboard is a perfect choice for cruising/caving and freestyle. This super responsive board gives extra confidence while performing various slides, turns or popping tricks;

• LOADED VANGUARD longboard another longboard designed for carving and cruising. This symmetrical board has Paris 180mm trucks, orangatang wheels, Loaded Abeс 7 bearings with deck made out of bamboo and has balanced center that assists in weighting the deck during turns to create a better control;

• Diamond life cruiser diamond blue longboard out of plastic is a light stylish board that can be fastened on a backpack. This durable and stiff board is great for cruising and carving.
Without any questions with the right board and protective tools you will have a memorable experience of longboarding.