Doing what you love shouldn't be a pipe dream, should it?

Unfortunately, studies have shown time and time again that most Americans are unsatisfied at work. Whether due to a lack of stimulation, few opportunities for growth or poor pay, more and more of us are becoming fed up with seemingly “traditional” career paths in lieu of something more rewarding.

Rather than grinding away at a job that you hate, why not instead take actionable steps toward a more mobile, digital nomad lifestyle that allows you to do what you want to do?

Don't assume that “doing what you love” is a pie-in-the-sky idea: you may be surprised at how easy it is to turn you passion projects into a career with some serious legwork and a bit of creativity to go along with it.

Blogging: Write What You Know

Can businesses really be built from the written word alone? Absolutely.

Blogging represents a surefire means of generating income, granted you unlock a profitable niche and are consistent with your writing. From topics to technology and gaming to health and fitness,there's plenty to explore within the blogosphere when it comes to getting paid to write about what you love.

Perhaps the most important key behind finding a niche that people actually want to read about is consistency. After all, just about anyone can write every once and while; however, a truly dedicated blogger can amass a following quite quickly if they've motivated to blog on a daily basis.

Besides, what do you have to lose? You can start writing without leaving your nine-to-five gig and simply monetize your blog over time if it ends up taking off. Serious passive income could be just a post away; however, you'll never know until you actually start.

Vlogging: Entertain and Educate

Serving as a supplement or alternative to blogging, vloggers are seeing huge returns for entertaining and educating audiences on platforms such as YouTube. As video content becomes more and more popular amongst modern users, combined with the fact that YouTube amasses over one billion views per day, vlogging represents a sort of modern gold rush for those seeing to cash in on their hobbies and creativity.

Regardless of your niche on YouTube, the following principles are absolutely crucial to amassing a following via blogging:

•    You must be entertaining first and foremost: from flashy visuals to upbeat music, you must take every step possible not to be boring
•    Be original: let your personality shine and emphasize how you stand apart from others within your niche
•    Get to the point: a lot of the most popular videos on YouTube are less than two minutes in length, so don't feel the need to go completely in-depth when it comes time to start filming

Instead of slaving away doing something that you can't stand, use your unique personality and passions as a means to create your own path. By starting now instead of later, you sew the seeds to grow your passion and finally do what you want to do.