Who doesn't love Ryan Gosling? The guy is a heartthrob! And you know life is unfair when Ryan Gosling is standing next to you or is in a picture with you. Here are the 21 times he made life unfair for so many people.

1. The paps are checking me out, right?

2. And what am I doing with this guy instead?

3. You have confidence. But not when Ryan's around.

4. If only I was as fit. Right, time for a snack.

5. Life's unfair: gets blurred out in paparazzi pictures. Can't prove to friends that is you.

6. Not even Bradley Cooper stands a chance.

7. Hey girl!

8. Nuff said.

9. Lucky bitch.

10. Please let him notice me...

11. Yes! We totally locked eyes!

12. 1. Best day of my life. 2. Bad hair day, sigh.

13. Emma Stone would prefer Ryan Gosling over Andrew Garfield.

14. Taking a picture next to Ryan is a bad mistake.

15. Starstruck. Ryan /ignore

16. Disappointment is everywhere.

17. Is that jealousy?

18. George Clooney admiring Ryan Gosling.

19. Ryan was nice enough to provide cover, since he's the only face that matters in this pic.

20. Poor Jimmy Fallon.

21. Your tattoo isn't as cool as Ryan Gosling.

Bonus: Which Ryan Gosling is hotter?

Life is better though, for Ryan Gosling doppelganger Grant Hazell: