Do you remember what the world looked like before the Internet? If you can cast your mind back, you might be shocked to see how much the world has changed since then. But, in actual fact, you don’t need to cast your mind that far back to notice big changes. All you need to do is go back to 2006. Things seem to have changed in a big way since then, don’t they? And it’s all down to the power of the Internet.

The Internet has truly revolutionized our lives. And in a number of extremely beneficial ways. Not in agreement with me? Hopefully, all of these amazing changes will help to change your mind.

A Global Village

You’ve heard the saying ‘it’s a small world’, right? You’ve probably even gone on the ride at Disney World! Well, the Internet has shown us that the saying is totally true. It really is a small world, and it is continuing to get even smaller thanks to the Internet. People on the other side of the world don’t seem so far away anymore. These days all you need to do is arrange a free Skype call to talk face to face with a friend or relative who lives in a different country. And companies can even arrange international conference calls thanks to ingenious conference call software. Email has also brought the world closer together, as you can now send someone a quick message at just the click of a mouse.

Accessible Information

What do you do now when you need to find something out? You just Google it! There is a wealth of information available on the Internet. All you need to do is enter what you want to find into Google or another search engine, and hit enter. In a matter of seconds, you will be given a whole load of websites where you should be able to find your answer. Has finding out information ever been easier and quicker than this? Now you don’t have to spend ages poring over the encyclopedia! And most of this information is completely free as well! Just take a look at Wikipedia to see the vast amount of free information available to you. It’s amazing, isn’t it?!

Remote Work And Study

Gone are the days of sitting in stuffy offices and classrooms. Thanks to the ease of online communication, many workplaces and colleges now offer remote jobs and courses. Have you always wanted to work from home? Well, you can thanks to the Internet! In fact, many studies show that more and more people are choosing to go down this career path. There are different options that you have. One of the most popular is to become a freelancer and simply work from home. Alternatively, there are always companies looking for full-time staff to work remotely. So, no matter where you may be in the world, many companies are willing to look at your application and take you on as a full-time remote worker! You can check out sites like We Work Remotely for these kinds of job adverts. And you can also study remotely as well! Many colleges and universities now offer remote learning courses. These courses are set up so that they are easy for those who aren’t within easy reach of the college to take. There’s also a wide variety of courses that aren’t linked to higher education institutions. These are often much cheaper to sign up for. The majority of these are focused on tech skills, so are perfect for those who want to brush up on their IT knowledge. Want to learn more about these types of courses? You can grab info from Simplilearn.

Easy Shopping

Too busy to head to the supermarket for your groceries? Well, thanks to the Internet, you no longer have to leave your house to replenish your kitchen supplies! Other the past few years Internet shopping has become a big deal, and all of the major supermarkets have been getting on board. Now all you need to do is go online and visit your favorite supermarket’s website. Once you are there, you will be able to select all the products you want. Pay for them online and select a delivery slot. And it’s as easy as that! Buying all your groceries online also has the advantage of not having any queues. So you no longer have to waste your time standing in line at the checkout. Shopping is now super quick and extremely convenient.

Internet Banking

Do you remember the days when you always had to visit your bank whenever you wanted to transfer some money or check your bank balance? Well, not anymore! Almost every bank offers its customers online services with an internet bank account. You simply have to log in on your bank’s website, and then you should be able to see your balance and recent outgoings and incomings. Not only that, though, but you can also transfer money and pay people online. Developments in cyber security over the past few years mean that Internet banking has never been safer. So you no longer have to worry about a hacker getting into your account and stealing all your cash! Another great thing about Internet banking is that you are no longer restricted to checking your account on your laptop or computer. You can now download a banking app so that you can check your balance on the go.


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As you can see, there are multiple ways in which the Internet has revolutionized our lives. From dating to banking, things have become a lot more convenient than what they once were!