In recent years, vaping has markedly increased in popularity. There are many people who have recently purchased their first vape pen and are unsure of what comes next. Beginners should look into certain e-liquids as a way to try out their first vape pen, along with .

Some e-liquids are stronger or more challenging to use, while others are better for beginners. To get some solid advice and comparisons, you should check out Blazed Vapes to begin. And with the myriad of options available, here are our top 3 for those who are starting out:

Cherry Tobacco

First up on the list is Cherry Tobacco. This flavor highlights the simplicity of the tobacco flavor, making it perfect for people starting out. It is even better for individuals looking to transition from cigarettes to a vape pen. Because of its similarity to the cigarette tobacco experience, it is a perfect choice for people trying to quit cigarettes; however, what happens to the flavor when the cherry is added on top? The robust of tobacco dances beautifully with the saccharine tang of ripe cherry cordial that everyone will enjoy.

Every beginner should try this e-liquid soon, because it can even be adjusted to personal preferences. People can mix the tobacco and cherry in a ratio of their choosing.

Chocolate Peppermint

Most people jump to chocolate when looking for a vaping experience. While this is just another example of a popular and delicious dessert e-liquid, chocolate peppermint is also a solid choice for beginners. Everyone likes a chocolate peppermint dessert and this e-liquid flavor is no different. With the winter season rapidly approaching, this is going to be a best-seller during the holidays.

This is a unique e-liquid flavor that builds off of a popular winter beverage and dessert choice. While it provides a satisfying vaping experience, it also helps people get in the mood of the season. Chocolate is a popular base for many e-liquid flavors and its mixture with peppermint is no different. Best of all, this duo can also be mixed in various ratios for everyone's personal touch.

Toffee Latte

Following the dessert theme, the next flavor on the list is Toffee Latte. Many people highlight their weakness for desserts as their guilty pleasure. This flavor is a perfect example of why. Many people use vaping as a way to close out a meal, similar to cigarettes. This makes dessert e-liquid flavors perfect for beginners, especially those who are trying to quit smoking. While there are numerous dessert e-liquid flavors to choose from, Toffee Latte has been a historically popular choice. There is an exquisite mix of espresso and milk that is only accented by a sweet toffee nut flavor. This will satisfy cravings for dessert and cigarettes simultaneously and is a must-try for anyone starting their vaping experience.

Once you’ve found your favourite flavor and mastered the art of vaping, you may want to start considering a way to upgrade your experience. One way to do this is by using a vape mod. Vape mods, like vape pens, come in a range of different types and styles, so here are just a few of the best vape mods on the market to choose from.


XOLO is an all-in-one vape mod that offers a slick design for those vapers who want their device to complement their style. But, not only this, XOLO is also an extremely effective product. It’s straightforward to use, making it a great first choice for those who are transitioning from their standard vape pen. More than 40 flavors are available too, adding to the experience you can get from it.

Atery Nugget

This is a type of compact box mod that’s small size (55.5mm x 31mm x 22m) makes for an extremely efficient and transportable product for those who don’t want to be carrying a larger device around with them. Despite its size, it’s still a substantial product that can fire up to 50W at a pretty reasonable cost too.


If you’ve become an experienced vaper who’s ready for a powerful device, the SMOK H-Priv may be perfect for you. This is a high-wattage mod (220W) that will provide a powerful performance for vapers along with an innovative design.

Your vape pen is really just the beginning, as after you have that sorted, you can embark on finding new ways to add to your experiences. From e-liquids to mods, there is an entire market of vaping products out there that’s just waiting to be explored. So, make a start and stop limiting yourself from what’s out there.