Have you fancied yourself with the biker look? Like Marlon Brando in “The Wild One” or James Dean in “Rebel Without A Cause”? You’re not alone my friend. But the problem is that just putting a leather jacket on doesn’t make you attractive. I’ve had many ill fitting leather jackets in my time.

And sure, it makes you feel good, but what is it really doing for your attraction levels? Probably not much. So we’re going to give you a biker makeover. Here is what you need to be looking out for when it comes to pulling off that biker look.


The Grooming

We’ll start here. If you are trying to channel the slick and sexy modern biker, having unkempt straggly hair like Dennis Hopper in Easy Rider is not going to get the motor running for the opposite sex! Moustaches and beards are absolutely fine, but you are going to need to keep them relatively tame. With the hipster styles doing the rounds now, you can follow their lead and keep your tache trim while still being cool! If you really need to keep the beard, try some trendy beard oils, like Primordial Beard Oil Wind Edition.

The Jacket

image from pixabay.com

Choosing the right jacket for your frame is a must. And choose your style. Are you wanting to emulate Brando? If so, going for ones that are zippy affairs are your best bet. Or are you going leftfield and heading for the mod look to get those indie chicks? If so, donning a green parka will give you the full mod cred. Looking for the right jacket is key to your whole look.

The Base Layer

The forgotten component of the style of a biker. Assuming you won’t be zipping yourself up completely, you need to show a smart casual style underneath. Wearing a simple plain white tee will look great, or if you are a bit on the skinnier side, going for a check shirt will make you look that bit more built. And, of course, make sure you wear your base layer with an open neck for authenticity, instead of looking like you are dressing for a first date.

The Trousers

Do you want to go for leather? If you are planning on integrating some leather into your wardrobe, make sure it doesn’t make you look like Tom Jones in Vegas. If you have any doubts, go for jeans. Pure, clean jeans. Blue ones, with no holes or rips, and make sure you tuck them into your boots.

The Boots

Rounding off the look, either go for the high fitting ones or the low, wider boot. Make sure they aren’t too chunky for your feet, especially if you are a smaller gent, otherwise it could look like you are wearing a pair of leather clogs.

The Bike?

Who needs the bike? You have gone the whole hog (sorry) to looking like a biker, so why bother getting one? If you pull off the style then that’s all you need. Besides, having a bike is really expensive. It’s much cheaper to look this cool.