Some women are considered to be obsessed with shoes. Their closets are stuffed with shoes of various styles and colors of footwear. But who can blame those women for having many shoewear simply because they want to always look perfect? In this article we will try to give you several tips on matching shoes with clothes regardless of the outfit’s color, style, occasion or season.

Consider the Color

One of the basic tips and hints of matching your shoes to the clothes is color. To understand the basics and explain them in easy words we consulted Dansko shoewear experts. There tips are described below.

Rule #1. Keep in mind that your shoes must complement and be part of the whole outfit, which means that their color must match your look and not compete it. If you have chosen some bright clothes as the main accent of your outfit then make sure to complement it with bold shoes of black or nude. If you try to match bright outfit with same bright shoes you risk looking too bright and overwhelming. Remember that nude heels or flats will always match pretty much ay clothes you have, so try to get a pair to always be in your shoe arsenal.

Rule #2. If your outfit is bold and has no color accents then you can play with the shoe color. For small black dress you can choose pretty much any color you need, but make sure that you get one more element of accessories in the same palette to complete the look.

Rule #3. Do not invent new colors for your shoes when matching them with clothes. Have a look at what you plan to wear and try to find shoes of a color that is present on your blouse or skirt/pants.

Rule #4. Strict color matching is considered to be bad taste. If you dress in one color from head to top you will not look nice not even saying about fashionable.

Rule #5. While exactly the same color is bad taste different shades of the same color will perfectly work. Keep in mind that every color has at least a dozen of shades to complement each other.

Shoes for the Season

Rule #1. Spring. Spring is never the same, so getting yourself special shoewear for this season is hard and in fact useless. Professionals advise to buy, for instance, Rockport shoes which will be great for cool summer evenings as well as mid-spring season.

Rule #2. Summer. For summer choose light shoes that will let your feet breath. Sandals and espadrilles are the best choices.

Rule #3. Fall. Fall is second spring. This is also time to use demi-season shoewear, so you can also use summer and winter shoes. But remember that light summer shoes will not work with heavier fabrics and colors of fall, so choose wisely.

Rule #4. Winter. Do not stand out in winter and be more practical, especially if ice-covered ground is common for your region. Experts advise choosing flats, loafers, and boots in order to avoid slippage.