Few female protagonist in a gaming franchise have captured people as vividly as Lara Croft has. Back when she first appeared on our screens in the mid 1990s, the archaeologically astute heroin took us on our very first adventure and has been doing so, through various instalments, ever since.

Her appearance may have changed over time, and so too her voice actors, but she remains the same intelligent, athletic, and legendary icon she ever was; her popularity has inspired a generation, and she has even been remarked on as the modern generation’s Rambo.

Among the many titles, the newest editions are proving to be among the most awe-inspiring yet, and not simply because of the advancement graphics have made. This is because Croft is being taken back to her roots, to reveal to us how she was shaped and crafted into the woman we were first introduced to all those years ago.

Tomb Raider, released in 2013, and Rise of the Tomb Raider, released in 2015 have shown us just that, now more than ever, the original story has a lot more scope to give users, young and old. Sometimes with a franchise it can feel that an end should be met at some point down the line, for fear a good thing being ruined, but this hasn’t happened to Lara Croft, and many doubt it ever will.

This can be argued as not only down to what the heroine herself can deliver, but what the different versions of her can; surprisingly Tomb Raider works well as a slots game just as it does on a console or PC, the only notable contrast being that of story and graphics. In fact, as this type of activity, provided by various brands like 32Red the game comes into its own once more
and reveals yet another level to it not previously seen. Moreover, it also enables gamers who frequent their smartphones more than a console to not miss out on a popular title such as this. It can be a means to keep you within the gaming community, or even help you start you journey through the rich tapestry of the series; it’s whatever you make it.

One thing that is for certain though, is that Tomb Raider will be an influence within the sector from some time yet, and will undoubtedly release many more titles before its curvaceous character is put to rest.