Former marine Rob Kugler was devastated to learn when Bella, his best friend, had a terminal form of cancer of the bones. It had already cost Bella her front leg in May 2016, and when her prognosis took a turn for the worse, vets informed Rob that Bella had 3-6 months to live. He decided to stop everything and go on an epic farewell journey with Bella.

“This is one of the biggest connections I’ve ever had to another living being. I don’t care that it’s a dog. I just didn’t want her to be gone one day when I came home.”

“We travelled for five months, and covered thousands of miles … with many havens on couches and guest beds of the friends I’ve been fortunate enough to make across the country in my short lifetime. It was an incredible and unforgettable experience.”

Their initial trip was only 3 months long, but when Bella showed no signs of slowing down, they continued their journey.

The duo is still going strong 15 months in.

“I feel like right now this is my purpose. The chapter in my life right now is just exploring with my dog.”

“I lost my brother in Iraq in 2007 and my oldest sister in a car accident two Easters ago. When you see lives end shortly before people get to do many of things they dream of doing, it changes your perspective on life.”