Rolls-Royce has created a futuristic concept car and it does not need a steering wheel. It is called the 'Vision Next 100.' It's probably a car we will never ever see on the road, and it's quite a shame. It's super sexy! Check it out!

The "103X" is the third version of the Vision Next 100 program. It is an on-going concept car.

Each will be made and customized to the buyers' needs.

It's feature packed.

Standard features include - NO steering wheel. There is a large OLED screen mounted ont he front to tell passengers where the car will go.

You can also tell where your car to go and save your favorite locations.

It will also make similar destination suggestions.

It's luxury packed.

It runs on a high-performance 250kw electric motor.

It also produces zero-emissions.

And pretty damn spacious.

The interior is filled with hand-cut lead crystals.

Talk about arriving in style.

Passengers just need to stand-up and the doors will open when the car stops.

The customization options for this are limitless.

Now this is a driverless car you would want.

Too bad you might not even be able to afford it even if it was real.

Check out the video below: