Jeff Lee works at a law firm, and his hobby is not collecting stamps or even working out at the gym. It's coaching Miss Universe contestants. He travels halfway round the world sometimes just to do that. This is his story.

Lee is famous for teaching these women to be the best in the world to win the title of Miss Universe.

He holds the women he judges to the same standards he holds for himself - "Mr. Miss Universe."

Lee has coached Miss Albania, four Miss Chinas, and Miss Indonesia. All have went on to reach seminfinals or took home a pageant prize.

He coaches them on their poise, personality, finese, patience, walk, and answers.

What a job, right? I mean, hobby.

Lee is pretty smart too. He got admitted to Stanford at 16.

He started off in advising Miss Universe contestants when he was a freshman in college, and applied for an intership with the organizers of Miss Venezuela.

Also, he's super cut.

He also went on to attend Yale to get his law degree.