It doesn't sound too far fetched, seeing how Dany is bent on conquering Westeros, or in her own words, 'take back what is mine.' So this latest theory is suggesting that Dany might not be the savior everyone thought her to be, but rather, and quite possibly, the real villain of the show.

The foreshadowing is all over the show. The latest episode saw her giving a speech. An epic one, to her blood riders.

But then, it all seemed a little unsettling. It sounds like she's going to be plundering everyone.

Which is all good, except, that same killing madness spree was also her dad's M.O.

The theory is that she will take after the Mad King.

And recent events are showing this to be true soon enough..

Even though she does express worry about becoming her dad, she insists she's not him.

But the Mad King used to love burning people up too. So, still not convinced she might just end up being the biggest baddest villain?