These are the professions that did not last the test of time. Needless to say, it's probably a good thing none of these are career options anymore. Check out some of the weirdest jobs to have existed in the past.

1. Powder Monkey

The task of reloadiong gunpowder into the cannons.

2. Farter

Professional farter - you would have to be able to fart at will to entertain the people.

3. Ice Cutter

Fridges didn't exist back then, so you had to actually go cut it up yourself.

4. Flyter

The "rap" battles during those times, where people would hurl insults at each other using poetic verses. James IV and V of Scotland employed professional flyters to entertain the courts.

5. Resurrectionist

Digging up graves and selling the body remains to medical schools

6. Phrenologist

Paid toread intelligence by inspecting shapes of heads.

7. Pin Setter

Before automation, people actually had to reset the pins after every round.

8. Sluggard Walker

These people would wack you in the head if you fell asleep in church.

9. Rat catchers

Before a more genius way of catching them was invented, they were done mostly manually.

10. Chimney Sweep

Basically, cleaning chimneys out.

11. Leech Collectors

People would catch them and sell them to doctors to treat their patients.

12. Daguerreotypist

The earliest kind of public photography service.

13. Armpit Hair Plucker

Because there had to be someone to pluck those hairs out of you, for you.

14. Milkman

Milk would go bad frequently because there were no fridges, so milkmen would deliver them to you.

15. Orgy planner

A profession that probably still exist today, they would plan orgies for the ancient Romans. This is a tough job.