Brands and their logos did not start out the same as the ones we know of today. In fact, they've gone through a ton of iteration, and here's checking out their very first logo design, to their most current. Check out the gallery below:

Shell (Above) 1900–Current

Apple 1976–Current

Canon 1933–Current

McDonald’s 1940–Current

General Electric 1892–Current

Lay’s 1965–Current

Discovery Channel 1985–Current

Lego 1935–Current

IBM 1889–Current

Mozilla Firefox 2002–Current

Mazda 1934–Current

Microsoft 1975–Current

RCA Records Early 1900s–Current

Xerox 1948–Current

Kodak 1907–Current

British Airways 1973–Current

Nintendo 1889–Current

Nissan 1983–Current

AT&T 1900–Current