Meet German police officer Adrienne Kolesza, 31. She's not just a cop. She's a stunning one. Perhaps, the hottest on the force. She's also got a huge fanbase, on Instagram that is - with over 96,000 fans, waiting for her to arrest them.

She's been posting pics of her sculpted body on Instagram.

She's 5 feet 6 inches, and usually shows off her toned muscles in bikinis and sports bras.

Her bosses don't mind her posting her pictures as long as she keeps them decent.

They probably follow her on Instagram.

Her photos are primarily to inspire and motivate women to get them into fitness.

It looks like she might be doing a good job at it too.

She's even got a YouTube channel, and has already gained 5,000 subscribers.

Is she just being a cop for fun?

Some would think that she should just pursue this full time.

After all, criminals should feel remorse and afraid when they are arrested.

And not be greeted with such stunning beauty at time of arrest.

What do you think?