There are a lot of things that need some answers in Game of Thrones. Here are just a few of them. Hopefully season 6 answers all of this! Check it out below:

Is Jon Snow alive/will he be brought back from the dead?

What do the Dothraki plan on doing with Daenerys?

Who are the Sons of the Harpy/who is leading them?

Will Tyrion be able to stop the Sons of the Harpy?

Is the Hound dead?

What do the White Walkers want? Other than total annihilation..?

Who exactly is the Night’s King and where does he get his power?

Whatever happened to Benjen Stark?

How was the Wall built?

What have Rickon, Osha and Shaggydog been up to?

Why is Bran a warg?

Is Arya really going to give up the Stark life to be a true Faceless Man?

What’s Littlefinger’s endgame?

What’s Brienne up to?

What happened at the Tower of Joy? Jon Snow's questions of his parentage..