CGI gets used a lot in film, but here are some of the scenes you never knew they were used in. You couldn't even tell. Check out the list of where CGI was used before. You'd never expect. Check it out!

1. Audiences complained that Lindsey Lohan looked too ‘raunchy’ in “Herbie: Fully Loaded,” her breast size was digitally reduced in some of the scenes.

2. Actors aren’t even required to cry on demand anymore. In “Blood Diamond,” the tear that rolls down Jennifer Connolly’s cheek is CGI.

3. The baby in Children of Men was completely created via CGI.

4. The feather in the intro of “Forrest Gump” that falls at Gump’s foot is fake, because the director wanted a very specific movement pattern.

5. All of the ping-pong scenes in “Forrest Gump” were shot without a ball; it was later added via CGI.

6. The sheep in “Brokeback Mountain” are all fake.

7. “Zodiac” is set in San Francisco, but most of the film’s shots of the city were created with CGI, including the entire port of San Francisco.

8. Gatsby’s mansion in “The Great Gatsby” was 100% CGI.

9. At the beginning of “John Wick,” Keanu’s adorable puppy poops on the lawn. The poop is CGI.

10. The “beautiful snow-capped mountains of Alaska” in “The Proposal” were all added in digitally, seeing as the whole film was shot in Manchester, Massachusetts.

11. Robert Downey Jr. hurt his ankle while filming Iron Man 3, and instead of halting production for 6 weeks, the filmmakers created a CGI Robert Downey Jr for the movie’s final scene.