Starting a blog and wanting to make some money from it requires at first - commitment. And then comes the strategy. Without both, you’re better off not having one. In this post, we’ll talk about the multiple ways you can monetize from doing something you.. presumably love!

Let’s start with the basics.

Create fun or useful content

Most content you find on the web is either recycled, re-purposed, or re-written in some other way, but delivering the same sort of news. You’ll want to find a unique angle to set yourself apart from the rest, therefore gaining an audience who’ll love reading your unique point of view on something.

Include social media and SEO

Traffic today is hardly ever organic, and the numbers are dropping fast. Which is why it’s important to maintain a social media presence of sort. Set up your page in Facebook and Twitter, but don’t neglect other platforms that could help you score a pageview or two from the likes of Instagram, Pinterest, and more.

Include social media boosting as part of your traffic generation strategy to pull readers in, rather than waiting for them to land on your site - you’ll want to include an SEO plan to do that for you.

Now that you’re all set up and you’ve found your angle, you’ll want to monetize your blog without much added effort of going out to look for the sales. Here are some strategies you can employ.

Programmatic banner buys

There are multiple services that provide programmatic buys but you’ll need to design your site to include IAB standard web banners. Before committing to one, just check to see what sort of banner size fits well with your blog. Always consider a position that will attract a reader’s attention. Never put the banners in positions that are too high or too low because that wouldn’t benefit you at all.

The only problem with programmatic banners is that you don’t really have control over the sort of ads that are being displayed.

Monetize links in your content

Since you’re already blogging about unique content, take the opportunity to partner up with services like to include links in your posts. Don’t waste the opportunity to monetize any outgoing or internal links if possible. Furthermore, if your posts are unique, there’s a high enough chance that readers would want more resources after your article. works by linking keywords you can set up in your posts to the outgoing site. Before the reader reaches the outgoing or internal destination site, they will be shown an ad on an intermediate page. You’ll even be able to pair some of their tools with your social media strategy for further monetization.

Link monetizing services like that are easier to set up and don’t require an ad delivery system on your end, which reduces the need for any maintenance of any sort. It really just lets you focus on the quality of your content.

Now you've got the strategy, here's what you need to consider:

Payout rates:

Programmatic banner buys range from low to mid eCPM rates depending on the geographical location of the visit and and ad shown. They’re slow to accumulate in revenue generated, but can be a long term low-maintenance strategy to your earnings.

Links on the other hand are much simpler, as all you have to do is to find relevant keywords to link out. They are related to the content that you’re posting, and no ads are being shown before it is clicked on. has fantastic payout rates from $8 to $15 for English speaking audiences depending on geographical location. You might also be able to earn a lot more depending on how much after-interest on the subject you can generate from your reader in your posts.


Using a mix of strategies are important to see what works best for your site. These strategies are the primary ones that work on any site of any size. Like all things Internet, the more your content attracts readers, the higher you’ll be able to earn in terms of each strategy explained here.