Pictures can describe disappointment better than most things can. Here's taking a look at a gallery chock full of it. And most of it has to do with food. Check out the gallery below for more:

1. The most infuriating watermelon.

2. This avocado betrays us all.

3. One piece of meat... to share!

4. One chocolate chip. One.

5. More bag than chips.

6. Oreo just decided to...

7. The lonely and empty taco.

8. "Foot long" sandwich.

9. What the?

10. :(

11. Lemon, is that chu?

12. The saddest sandwich.

13. Optical illusion.

14. Spectacular sandwich.

15. The cup that wouldn't put out.

16. Lovely burger.

17. Super size pizza.

18. This special hot dog.

19. Who moved my cheese?

20. What?!