One way to get rid of mosquitoes is to curb their breeding. The idea is very simple. Since they love to breed in still water, especially if it is in an old car tire, Canadian researchers decided to use that against them. They published their findings in" onclick=";return false;">F1000 Research and it looks amazing.

They use discarded tires and developed a trap called Ovillanta.

It is a two 20-inch sections of discarded rubber car tires. The device is made to drain fluid. They also include a chemical pheromone to attract the mosquitoes.

The female will lay her eggs on a wooden strip or paper floats in the rubber tire.

Twice a week, the strip is removed and eggs destroyed, but the fluid in the tire is reused to collect more pheromones to attract more mosquitoes to lay eggs there. It becomes a more potent trap over time.

The researchers completed a 10 month study in Guatemala and managed to reduce the cases of Aedes mosquitoes.

Over the course of their study, they found that their traps were 7 times were efficient than the traditional traps, collecting over 18K eggs with 84 traps in 7 neighbourhoods, per month.

There were also no new cases of virus (in this case Dengue Fever) reported, when normally there’s about 24 to 36 cases in that period of time.