We guess, blogging and fashion do pay? This is Kristina Bazan. At 17, she launched her blog Kayture with her then boyfriend as an outlet for her creativity. Her blog changed her life later on, because now she's very successful with it.

Now 22, she's made over $1.4 million already. Incidentally, she's one of the world's most successful fashion bloggers.

Last year, she signed a seven figure deal to become the brand ambassador for L'Oreal Paris.

The most impressive thing is that her blog was never meant to be what it is today. It just happened.

Bazan came from humble beginnings and didn’t know a lot about the high-end fashion world when she first started.

“When Vogue flew me to Tokyo for Fashion Night Out I had no idea who Michael Kors was. I’d only heard of Anna Wintour twice.”

She grew up not being able to afford designer bags, or clothes, but still managed to be this successful.

She takes quite a lot of selfies, and it helps that she's quite a looker too.

Check out her blog here.