Looking for a change of careers and don't want to push paper anymore? Here are some jobs that aren't the norm, but totally exist. Check it out after the jump!

Hotel Reviewer

$48,000 a year just by travelling the world.

Luxury Bed Tester

This job can allegedly bring in $5,600 a month.

Bikini Wearer

Natasha Oakley and Devin Brugman, creators of A Bikini A Day get paid to travel to some of the worlds best beaches and wear a different bikini every day.

Netflix Grammaster

You can rack $2,000 a week just for visiting different film studios and instagramming behind the scenes shots of Netflix shows being filmed.

Professional Line Sitter

Professional line sitters can make $25 an hour to stand in line for someone.

Panda Nanny

Nannies make $32 000 per year (plus food, board and the use of a car).

Seat Filler

These are the people that are selected to sit near celebs at sporting events in order to make the row look full on TV.

Private Island Caretaker

You can make approximately 120k a year doing this.

Fake Executive

In Western China, you can rake in $1,000 a week by pretending to be an executive.

Water Slide Tester

You can bring in anywhere from 17-56k a year.