It's hard to explain why we go crazy for the things we do, but thankfully science is around the corner to help us understand it all. Here are a couple of things we all go crazy for, and even while knowing this to be true, we'll still fall for it, all the time.


If there is a line, it must be good! Right? For some odd reason, human nature has it that when we see long lines of people for something, it must be fantastic. The hit-the-ball-out-of-park kinda fantastic. We're talking about lines from the newest soft serve ice cream to the latest must-see movie.  Malaysians just love lining up!!

It seems, this can be linked to a psychological experience. It is the fact that there may be something at the end of the line which benefits us more than the time we've already invested in. It is the drawing power of crowds that make us lemmings.

When the potential rewards for queuing up for something that may be in trend outweigh the cost of lining up, people will actually enjoy waiting, and thus, this is what almost everyone you know is afflicted with.

Warehouse sales

Have you ever been to a warehouse sale? If you have, you might just be one of those people who loves a crowd. Or being stuck in one.

Warehouse sales are typically the kind of event a company hosts to sell the stuff they couldn't to you at full price, but will do so anyway to get rid of their stocks at a price they'll still profit at, but not so much.

It'll involve a hoard of humans gathering into what may be an air-condition-less building with vapor-blowing fans to keep everyone from killing each other because of the heat.

Nonetheless, the very idea that you've gotten something that's nice for a fraction of the price is like scoring a date with a model just by smiling. It is clearly against every rule of the quantity theory of money, because what you're paying for does not have a direct, proportional relationship with the price level. And that's great!

A new HIGHER SPEC Smartphone. Every. Year

A new version comes out every year without fail and yet while you think you're better off getting it later you can thank the brilliance of marketing for this. You want that hot new Samsung S7 Edge living in your skinny jeans now!

Value doesn't have to do with just cost or specs or anything even objective. It's a combination of a whole bunch of complex subjective factors that make something more valuable than something else.

And having that spanking new iPhone with you just says you're better than most. Or richer, depending on model?

Free Internet

Everyone loves free internet. It’s the updated necessity in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs now. This is evident by most people usually asking for the WiFi passwords at restaurants and cafes.

Services like WiFiPlus from Celcom are accessible from over 600 spots nationwide, and they come in real handy when a restaurant’s internet gets slowed down by all the freeloaders connecting to it.

Get a new device whenever it comes out with Celcom First’s NewPhone feature. With 10GB of data (5GB monthly internet and 5GB weekend internet) and unlimited calls to any network for RM80/month, you don’t have to wait to be able to switch out your device according to your contract period.