New social media trends aren’t going to stop any time soon. Don’t just follow the biggest. Create your own. Here are some suggestions:

1. Panorama videos

Once upon a time, it was panorama pics that made the hit list. But now content is evolving from still to moving pictures. What better way to capture more but with panorama videos?

2. 360 videos

The big trend that everyone is latching on to right now is 360 videos. The platform is there for you to take advantage of and it promises a whole new concept of immersive viewing. Start shooting your own, whether it be a fitness workout video or a short skit. Devices like Samsung's S7 Edge pairs up sweetly with a 360 camera called Gear 360.

Watch one for your inspiration: 

3. Food artist

Become your own food artist like Samantha Lee. The mother of two shows off absolutely stunning and delicious looking dishes and initially started it to help her eldest daughter eat independently.

If you like eating, and "playing with your food", capture that art and post it up on Instagram. Who knows? You could be starting your very own food art trend.

4. Your own hair trend

Hair transformation has been big news since 2015. From grandma hair to rainbow hair, to glitter roots, it seems as if it's very possible to come up with something unusual, bizarre, and cool that people would rush to follow. Don't forget your unique hashtag when you post it online.

5. Makeup trends

Like hair, makeup has seen some incredible trends from last year. Very recently, we saw the incredibly innovative work of Malaysian makeup artist Saraswati, who without removing her hijab, recreated Disney princess looks to near real-life perfection.

If you've got a technique that's useful, and saves a whole lot of time, share it online in a video or a post. Who knows? It could go viral and people might follow in your footsteps!

Don't just follow the biggest trends on social media. Create your own if you're creative enough! Use newer and powerful devices like Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge to make things easier and faster. Get it here without the hassle of a contract being attached to it and never run out of data while posting these trends online with 10GB of data (5GB monthly internet and 5GB weekend internet) for RM80/month with First Gold.