We’ve come to only call people on the phone when we really have to. We also keep conversations short, because there’s nothing that can replace the lull and lack of awkwardness in a conversation like an instant message can. Here are some questions phone calls have for data packages.

1. “Why are more people using you than me?”

Don’t you love dialing?

2. “Don't people want to talk on the phone anymore these days?”

You get immediate closure too!

3. “Isn't a phone call better than a text??”

It really is, we kid you not!

4. “Isn't it better to say 'hey' and get an immediate response with voice?”

We’re pretty sure we’re right on this one. Are we?

5. “It's not really that rude to talk to someone else over the phone when it's inconvenient. Right?”

Phone calls are so rare these days, people should treat them as gems!

6. “Who cares if that's not the right moment?”


7. “What do you mean I can't communicate with my friends while I'm at work?”


8. “Isn't instantly replying with voice better than a text you’d have to wait for?”

We don’t give people too long a time to think!

9. What happened to the good old days of spending hours on the phone?

This is pure romance.

10. If you can't answer immediately, you're answering it wrong.

Won’t you please return my call?

11. Don't your fingers get tired?

So much texting can’t be that good.

12. Voice mails are a personal touch. Wouldn’t you agree?

Unfortunately no one leaves them anymore.

13. I'm still here in case you need me, okay?

Here’s a telco that’s doing it right, with unlimited calls to any network.

Talk as much as you can by getting unlimited calls and SMS to any network with First Gold. If you’re a data person still, there’s a 10GB data plan to avoid all the conversations you want. Sounds like a win-win scenario here!