Our addiction to the Internet and wanting to be connected all the time is clearly on a whole new level.

1. Your connection drops. You're too tired to get out of bed but do so anyway to go downstairs to reboot the modem.

It’s like flipping a switch back on after it trips. Though today, it’s really more than that. Being connected to the Internet is almost akin to  having basic amenities like water and electricity.

2. You IMDB every movie you watch, while you watch it.

Gone were the days where you simply sat through a horrible movie. What patience you had before the Internet. Now everything’s about how the rest of the world thought about the movie first.

3. Your conversations involve the lack of eye-contact. More screen-contact these days.

You cannot maintain a conversation with anyone for more than half an hour without checking your timeline. Come on. Look up for a bit!

4. You bring your phone with you to the kitchen, bathroom, on holidays, to family reunions.

Your phone should have its own passport. You even have device protection for it for crying out loud! That’s how important it is to you.

5. You feel no shame in asking for a coffee shop's WiFi password before ordering anything on the menu.

The first thing on your to-do list: WiFi. If there isn’t a reliable connection, you can always connect to Celcom’s WiFiplus instead.

6. You keep no memory of directions to a place.

And while we’re at it, you keep no memory of birthdays too.

7. You cannot absolutely be alone with your thoughts for too long without “reading” up on something online

You might be suffering from FOMO, but you’re not alone. Your version of “quiet time” is scrolling through content.

8.  You’ve got too much tech in your life that involves the Internet

From online banking to the CCTV in your home, you are the “always on” generation. Even your home phone depends on an Internet connection to run.

It’s quite impossible to avoid being online. It’s also rather important that you stay connected for various reasons. “Always be on” with Celcom First Gold’s massive 10GB data (5GB monthly internet and 5GB weekend internet) with unlimited calls and SMS to any network plan for RM80/month. More details can be found here. Also, read up on our comparison chart here.