There’s a good chance you’re outside most of the time. And it’s really during these times that you’re glad you’ve got enough data to keep you entertained. The common yesteryear package of 3GB is over and is never quite enough. Here are some 5 places you’re glad you’ve got tons of it.

1. Beach resorts.

They claim to have WiFi, but they will most likely not work if you are out of range, and by out-of-range we mean anywhere that’s not the lobby.  Data will come in real handy right about now..

2. Small towns.

The lack of infrastructure argument may not be valid these days because almost everywhere is 3G or LTE-able. With no helpful signs to help you get to certain places,, you’re going to be pretty reliant on your data to find your way in and around the area. Having an abundance of data is actually a lifesaver in these situations.

3. In a restaurant with… kids!

It may be a lack of good parenting to use your smartphone as a substitute caregiver, but I offer no judgement on that subject - especially if it is to keep a kid distracted and calm in a public place. A toy may be a good alternative to a nursery rhyme on YouTube, but that can really only last for awhile. Having enough data, or even a stable WiFi connection should be your last resort, and you’d better hope you have ample amounts left..

4. Your grandparents' house

Sure, old people don't really need the Internet, but you'd be surprised by just how many of them are online these days. Still, they might not even bother to get connected unless they really have to, which is by using their phones. And it would be a mean thing to tether their data off them just so you can check the latest football scores. Get your own and get enough of it. Don’t steal from your grandparents!

5. Highways.

Do you even bother to remember how to get to a place you’re not really sure of now that everyone’s got access to a navigation app? Chances are, you’re going to rely heavily on traffic directions from an app, and even if you’re familiar with an area, avoiding traffic suggestions are really Godsend.

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