Nothing is free, or is it? Here are some 5 things you didn’t expect to come your way for free, but they did and you’re not complaining. From free food to toys to free movie tickets, here are some well-known hidden gems that we’re grateful for.

Korean side dishes

All those veggies and delicious extra side dishes that come with whatever you ordered: free. And they are refillable! Go nuts with them!

That McDonald’s happy meal toy

Unless you’re a collector of some limited edition toy that you can only get with by buying a happy meal, that happy meal toy is often times meaningless to you, but probably very entertaining for your kid.

Olive Garden’s unlimited salad and soup

Located in Mid Valley, if you’re looking to eat on a budget,  they’ll serve up salad and soup which you can keep on ordering, provided you’ve ordered something off a certain section of their menu.

Free birthday burger at myBurger Lab

Hey, it’s your birthday, so why not score one for free, right? Plus, the burgers are arguably the best in town. “You’ll get a heart attack burger” for free.

Get Celcom First Gold’s 10GB Plan

With every other telco offering lower data plans, you’ll get a 10GB (5GB monthly and 5GB weekend Internet) for RM80/month with unlimited calls to any network with Celcom First Gold. You may not have asked for such a huge allocation of data, but you’re definitely not complaining.

On top of that, take home an RM20 preloaded card from Starbucks or RM20 KFC voucher.  More details can be found here. You didn’t ask for this, but you’re getting it.